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Woodside Way, Glenrothes


Woodside Way, Glenrothes


Velux UK


New 2 Storey Office Pavilion


Civil Engineering Services

Structural Engineering Services

Geo-Environmental Services

Principal Designer Services

Construction Monitoring

The project involved the construction of a bespoke facility for Velux UK at their UK headquarters in Glenrothes. The Client brief required the use of a timber exposed structure and incorporation of the companies products  into the design, to act as a showcase, was vitally important. This  led the superstructure design which incorporated a two hinge arch supported on braced columns. The arch was formed from large curved glulam beams and the columns were a hybrid of glulam and steel tubular compression braces. Internally accommodation was arranged over two floors with the upper floor containing numerous feature lightwells to allow light passage to the ground floor and also to assist in the natural ventilation via the companies wind catchers mounted on the roof. Feature steel stairs were provided together with lift access to the upper floor. A new elliptical entrance hub was created to access and link the new building to the existing and utilised a CLT roof to allow the seamless formation of numerous rooflights. The buildings are clad in timber, stone and feature glazing.


Ground levels were made up by 1.5m at one end of the building and utilised site won material from the external works. Foundations utilise standard pad and strip and the ground floor was a ground bearing slab. External works included carpark enhancements and a SUDs drainage scheme with below ground attenuation.

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