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ELCC Nurseries


Houstoun ELCC

Kirklandneuk ELCC

Lochfield Road, ELCC

Dargavel ELCC


Renfrewshire Council


Refurbishment of existing 4No. 

ELCC Nurseries


Civil Engineering Services

Structural Engineering Services

Construction Monitoring

The ELCC nurseries project for Renfrewshire Council comprised the construction of 4No. tailored early years facilities to meet the growing requirement for early year education spaces within the Renfrewshire Council area. Across the 4No. sites there were two types of facility constructed which took the form of single storey timber frame buildings. The roof was formed from engineered timber joists with a high level clerestorey window incorporated into the design using isolated steel frames. The layout was predominantly open plan with large glazed openings framed in either timber or steel. Foundations varied across the projects from standards strips to trenchfill to piles supporting reinforced concrete ground beams.


Each facility included its own dedicated private car park and drop off ‘loop’ which also incorporated the sustainable drainage systems for the building. The projects also made use of creative earthworks design to create interesting garden areas which delivered an element of play provision as well as serving a wider design purpose.


Some of the locations incorporated a drainage discharge connection point at the site entrance while on others an off-site drainage route required to be designed to discharge surface water to off-site watercourses.

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